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Sound Works Job Center
Poulsbo, Washington

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Employment is the # 1 Basic Need in Western Washington. We have never seen our clients suffering as much as they have this year! Many have lost their jobs and are now living with their relatives, in cars or in the woods. They are begging for the free employment services and the compassion we provide. Many of the individuals we work with do not have access to phones, addresses, computers with internet access or a warm and caring place to seek employment. With the help of United Way, we are able to provide these vital services for you and our less fortunate friends and neighbors.



Our mission is both immediate and far ranging. Our immediate mission is to provide every low-income unemployed worker with the compassion, encouragement and tools he or she needs during their job search. Our long range mission is to promote community strength through individual job search success. Our clients and their families will develop stability and dignity through consistent employment support services and ultimately a job. We will also support, collaborate and partner with other organizations to reduce homelessness due to unemployment and promote long-term economic and financial stability. We also will attempt to find employment for disabled veterans and other clients with disabilities so they can maintain independent lives. GOALS

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Sound Works Job Center
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P.O. Box 2019
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Phone: (360)779-1160
E-mail: Sound Works

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Sound Works Job Center is funded by grants from various organizations.

State of Washington's online employment services: Work Source

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